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Oslo International Career Fair

Welcome to the Oslo International Career Fair! Meet your future employer and see what your life will be like in the Oslo region

28 September 13:30 - 17:00 CEST

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Organised by Oslopolitan

Have you considered working in Oslo? Now’s your chance to meet your future employer, make connections and start your new career in Norway.

Our goal is to connect thriving local companies with talented people from all over the world. Meet inspiring people, share ideas and find your new passion project! 

The companies will create their own unique stand online and publish videos and job offers to let you know what they are looking for. In addition, you can chat with representatives and people that you find interesting and schedule one-on-one video conversations with employers.

See the schedule for the main program and read about the presenters

By filling out information about yourself, companies will be able to search for you based on your skills, expertise, and education.

Are you fresh out of university, someone with a few years experience or have had several years in the field - we want you to attend the fair.  

Some fun facts about working and living in Norway: 

  • Oslo ranks #1, on the "City Wellbeing Index"

  • The third greenest city in Europe is Oslo

  • In Oslo, you have easy access to nature as well as business networks, world-class dining, and 5000 live performances every year

  • Norway ranks second in the world when it comes to gender equality.

  • Oslo is Norway’s main hub for national and international travel. Over 100 international flights depart and arrive at OSL Gardemoen daily. Oslo is also easy to reach by boat, train, and bus

  • Oslo has added over 50 km of new bike lanes through the city over the past three years alone, with plans to add over 100 km more by 2023.

  • The city has experienced a significant 30% population increase in the past 20 years

  • Oslo is a multicultural city – 33% of the city’s population are born outside Norway or have at least one parent born outside Norway

  • Oslo is the city with the highest proportion of Electric Vehicles in the world

  • In Oslo, you will find world-class business environments such as Oslo Cancer Cluster and Oslo Science Park.

  • Did you know that almost half of the jobs in the Oslo region are suitable for remote working? 8th most accommodating city in all of Europe

  • New parents are entitled to at least 12 months of paid parental leave, to be divided between both the mother and father. 70 per cent of all fathers in Oslo take out at least 15 weeks of paid parental leave, reflecting the increasing equality with regards to child rearing.

The fair is hosted during Oslo Innovation Week, so you can also check out the full program here to see what is happening with innovation in our region.

Have you checked out Oslopolitan? We have created a website to answer most of your questions about moving and living in Norway. Follow us on social media to see job openings, related news, and information about living and loving Oslo. 

Meet future employers, listen it to our presentation, and let us convince you that moving to Oslo is the right thing for your career. 

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